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    I can log in as normal on Axcrypt however when I want to open a file it asked for the password again which it says is incorrect.  Now I can’t access my files and am stuck…Please help!

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    Ok it seems I have forgotten my original password that I need to open my files… Can you help me reset this so that I can access my files.

    When I reset my password it doesn’t help for the files.

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    Had the same problem!  Ended up uninstalling new version of AxCrypt and reinstalling the previous version I was using.

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    Hello Eddie & Eldernerd,

    We cannot reset a password to regain access to a file where the original password is forgotten. That is what AxCrypt is about – strong encryption without backdoors. If you don’t have the password, neither you, nor we nor anyone else can decrypt the file.

    Reinstalling an old version of AxCrypt will not help either. I’m not sure Eldernerd, just what your situation is – but you did not have the same problem as Eddie who has a forgotten password. Without more information it’s hard to say exactly what the issue was, but we’ll be happy to help you out if you’ll give some more information, preferably screenshots.

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    Good news!!  I remembered my password!!!

    Wow I was so scared I would have lost all my files as I literally used AxCrypt on them all.  Note to self and others, DO NOT FORGET PASSWORD.

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    Great to hear Eddie! You are so right: DO NOT FORGET PASSWORD! That’s what encryption is all about – no password, no files. No password reset possible.

    Good luck!

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