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    How do I change the default local folder and the default cloud folder?

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    What are you referring to when you say the “default folder”? Is there a particular time when the “default” folder appears?

    You can encrypt any file or folder you like regardless of the default. I’ve used AxCrypt for a while and have never noticed a default.

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    Thanks for your reply, Jeremy.

    When using the AxCrypt window, when clicking the cloud icon, it is choosing One Drive when I’d prefer Dropbox. Both services are listed in the box below, but clicking on the icon defaults to One Drive.

    The main AxCrypt defaults to the My AxCrypt folder it created in My Documents, but I’d prefer another folder I created elsewhere.


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    There’s a known problem with Dropbox David. According to the Chief Programmer of AxCrypt Dropbox haven’t published publicly available information to the other programmers enabling third-party apps to detect Dropbox.

    I don’t use Dropbox any more because of the number of security issues (including data inspection) but, when I did, they allowed Selective Sync. I think this would solve your problem: use AxCrypt to encrypt a folder and then get Dropbox to selectively sync that folder (and set it within Dropbox so it does this automatically).

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    I’m wondering the same thing: “How do I change the default local folder and the default cloud folder?”

    The default secured folders (see AxCrypt’s Home and Cloud icons) seem to be permanently located at “C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\My AxCrypt” and “C:\Users\<USERNAME>\OneDrive\My AxCrypt” (cloud).

    There seems to be no way to remove or rename these, or set custom folders as defaults. The original secured folders reappear upon sign-in, even if “decrypted permanently” (and auto-removed from secured folders list), folders deleted, etc.

    I’m a new user, using the free Premium trial at the moment (loving it, mostly). Sorry if I’m missing something simple here. Not a huge problem, but it is a bit of a surprise annoyance.

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    There seems to be no way to remove or rename these, or set custom folders as defaults.

    The developer (Svante) has said that this is a limitation at the moment and to ignore it.

    If it’s bothering you why don’t you hide the folder? Right click and make it hidden. I don’t know if that’s possible but I’d think so.

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    Thanks John. If this is just a temporary limitation, that is good news. I thought it could also be a bug. I will just have to ignore (or hide) the “My AxCrypt” folders until it this is implemented.

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    Hi Vanon,

    Yes, it’s a limitation at the moment. We’ll make it so if you remove it, it stays removed.

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    Hi Svante,

    Has this been implemented yet? I’d like to remove them and keep them removed also. The default folders always seem to return eventually.

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    Hello Ryan,

    No, we havn’t sorry! I’ve increased the priority and assigned so it should get fixed for the next release. See¬† for progress.

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