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    How do I change (not reset) my password for AxCrypt ID account? I have AxCrypt 2.1.1489.0 the free version.

    When I click on “Options”, on the drop down menu only “Password Reset” is enabled, while “Change Password” is disabled and I quite don’t understand why.

    I’ve read several posts related to this topic but I could not find a solution to my problem. And as Svante posted today, password reseting is not advisable: “Please be aware that a password *reset* will *not* let you access previously encrypted files, that were encrypted with the password used before the reset. A password *reset* will only let you sign in, and will be used for new encryptions.”

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    Make sure AxCrypt is connected to the internet and you’ll be able to change your password.

    The way AxCrypt works is that if you know the old one (and use the change function) then you will be able to access old files. However if you use the reset function then you won’t be able to access old files (unless you remember the old password).

    The technical explanation is complicated but for a user it’s simple:

    • Reset password = no access to old files using new password
    • Change password = access to old and new files using new password

    If you still can’t change your password from within AxCrypt you can do so online;

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    Hello Mike,

    Graham makes some good points. To clarify:

    The reason only password reset is enabled is because you’re not signed in.

    You need to know the old password, and sign in, to *change* the password. This is the same via the web.

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    It worked! It was so simple, it’s kind of embarrassing…

    Graham and Svante, thank you so much for your help. As for the Tuesday World Cup game against Switzerland: GO SWEDEN!!!

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    Hello Mike,

    Happy it worked out for you, good luck!

    And thanks for the support in the World Cup. But, hey, most people see it as Sweden vs. Sweden so Sweden wins in any case ;-) .

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