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    I am looking for a replacement for another encryption service.     I have looked at AxCrypt, and as far as I understand the documentation, it doesn’t fully meet my needs.       However, in case I have misunderstood, can you confirm that AxCrypt (free or premium) does not support the following:

    – there is no way to secure a folder such that the files in that folder can not be seen.       It seems the files can be individually encrypted, but the files and the folders are still visible to anyone that can access the computer.

    – I have sets of files that are used together.      If I encrypted 10 files used together, when I need to access them, I need to individually decrypt each file.

    – Files need to be decrypted before passing them to the applications that use them.      For example, if I attempt to open an encrypted Excel file with Excel, it will be seen as a corrupted Excel file, and will not produce a AxCrypt password prompt.

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    • AxCrypt encrypts files, it doesn’t hide files or folders. Any program which purports to hide files/folders can easily be bypassed.
    • You can bulk decrypt files by dragging your cursor over them all and they’ll be decrypted in one operation.
    • You can’t open an AxCrypt file inside Excel. Instead, double click the file from its location and AxCrypt will decrypt it automatically and launch Excel for you. Once you close Excel, AxCrypt will encrypt the file automatically.
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    Hello Wasabe,

    In addition to Nicks comments, I’d like to add that you can rename files to anonymous names with AxCrypt, so they can be seen but the names are meaningless. Using the secured folder function, you can also one-click decrypt your set of 10 files, and then also one-click re-encrypt them.

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