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    I encrypted an image and clicked on it.  It got opened by the standard Windows photo viewer.  But when I closed the viewer and tried to decrypt again, the program told me it was still “opened in another application”.  So it seems photo viewer doesn’t unlock the image when I close its window OR … you have a bug.

    I also tried closing all Win Explorer windows, but to no avail.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Barbarasso,

    If the file in fact is located in a folder designated as “Secured”, it will soon be re-encrypted again since those folders are monitored for unencrypted files and will encrypt them when you sign out or click the “Broom” clean up icon.

    AxCrypt 2 uses a more robust method for the automatic re-encryption, which sometimes means you as the user have to tell AxCrypt to do it. You’ll see this by the “broom” icon becoming red. This indicates there’s something in need of “clean up”, i.e. re-encryption.

    So after editing the encrypted files, we have to click the broom icon or sign out from the AxCrypt app to re-encrypt the updated files.

    Please note: If you opened and updated an encrypted text file with notepad and at the same time you had opened an another notepad application also, then you have to close both the opened applications to re-encrypt the encrypted files. You have to close all the opened corresponding applications properly.

    After Closing all the opened corresponding applications properly now Broom icon is disabled. Now you can sign out/Exit from the AxCrypt app or decrypting the encrypting file. If not close the opened Application Broom icon is enabled only.(it indicate encrypted file(s) are open).

    Still, if you are facing any issues, please write an email to  with some more information about the issue. If you can send a screenshot showing where the problem is, it often helps us understand.

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    Yes, I’ve got it now.  After I’ve opened it and want to decrypt it I have to click the broom icon which first checks for a lock and if there’s none, it re-encrypts.  Then I can decrypt.

    Thank you!

    Strange that AxCrypt says there IS a lock though.


    Another handy option would be to “Rename to original name” an encrypted file so you can see its real name without having to decrypt.  Or do a toggle “random name/original name” if you click “Rename”.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Barbarasso,

    We can hide the file names too, by using the Anonymous Rename feature. AxCrypt app having a feature called Anonymous Rename, If you used the feature, then the user selected files will be renamed into some random numbers(The original file name can’t be seen).

    Using the Anonymous Rename menu option(File | Anonymous Rename) in the AxCrypt app, We can rename the AxCrypt secured files into some random numbers.

    or Right-click on the secured folder/file in windows explorer and then choose AxCrypt | Rename.

    We can restore the original name by decrypting those encrypted files or using the menu option File|Rename to Original via the AxCrypt app.

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    Aha you use the app if you don’t want to decrypt, thank you! :)

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