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    I signed up for a free version of Axcrypt to encrypt certain files on my computer. I did not like the free version and do not want to pay for their premium version.  I deleted my subscription to Axcrypt, however my filed I encrypted are still locked. What should I do to unlock them? This seems unfair that they remain locked when I no longer have their services.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Edward,

    Please avoid sending the same query in different mediums. You may get a duplicate response.

    AxCrypt encrypted files are still encrypted only if we delete/uninstall the AxCrypt app from the system. But we can’t open the encrypted files without AxCrypt app.

    Please note: AxCrypt account and AxCrypt app are required to open/decrypt the AxCrypt encrypted files. Without AxCrypt app, we cannot decrypt the encrypted files.

    So please check the tutorial to decrypt the encrypted files with the AxCrypt app .

    If the above does not help, please provide detailed information in your query.

    Please feel free to write a mail to our support 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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