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    I’m not sure if this is a unique problem to my computer or if I’ve missed a setting, but when I try to secure delete a folder and sub-folders all the files within are deleted but the actual folders remain. Obviously not a security issue but I then have to lose the folders via windows delete, which seems I’m doing the job twice. If anyone can shed some light on the problem it would be appreciated

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    I’ve not experienced the problem myself but it sounds like you need to enable the recursive option – the Include Subfolders.

    Be very careful activating this because it will delete everything within any folder you select including any folder therein.

    If you’re using full disk encryption on your hard drive, which you should, then Secure Delete doesn’t really serve any purpose. If your whole hard drive isn’t encrypted then Secure Delete has its use.

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    Hello Norman,

    Thanks for mentioning this. It should of course delete empty folders as well as a convenience. I’ve opened an issue for this: .

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