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    Roger Appleton

    I continually receive a message from AxCrypt that software called Lavasoft Web Companion may interfere with AxCrypt or other software.  Despite extensive searching, I cannot find or locate any folder or programme or any other feature in this Windows10 computer that contains this problem software.  Has anyone else received this message and, if so, fixed the problem?

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    Hello Roger,

    Because “Lavasoft Web Companion” has caused so many problems for our users (as well as for other manufacturers), we have put a special check in our code for this. What we do is we look for a file named %windir%\System32\LavasoftTcpService64.dll .

    You need to get rid of it, if you have it. Google for something like “uninstall lavasoft web companion” without the quotes.

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    There’s a post here by Harold which recommends you download this free spyware remover tool from Malwarebytes.

    It seems to solve many people’s problem.s

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    This software will remove Lavasoft adware for you.

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