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    Dee Ach

    Do I understand correctly, that I can only use Axcrypt if I have an internet connection?  I try to login when I’m offline, but it says that my password is wrong (not true).  Then I go online, and I can login.  If this is how the system works, then how would I open an important file if I actually did not have internet access?  I guess this isn’t a terminal issue, just one that one needs to be aware of.

    I’m still testing this system, after downloading it a few weeks ago.  I am very hesitant to apply it to my files until I am very comfortable with how it works and fully understand its nuances.  I am also a little worried what might happen in a few years, if say the company disappeared for some reason or another.  If that were to happen, would I still be able to use the system / open my files.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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