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    i’m currently using Linux as the main OS and it seemed that your software is great, please don’t suggest me Wine instead :D thanks

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    Hello Nora,

    Sorry, but right now there is no official support for Linux. For what it’s worth, the last time I checked the Windows-version was actually runnable albeit a bit ugly on Linux when compiled using the MonoDevelop etc.

    For the future if there’s sufficient interest we may see if it’s possible to port the Mac-version to MonoDevelop and Linux. On of the problems with Linux is the fragmentation of distributions. One doesn’t just support Linux. There’s no such thing. There are a zillion different Linux-distributions. We’d literally have to support perhaps a dozen builds and then test them… Doesn’t seem likely to happen unless someone sponsors the development and maintenance unfortunately.

    A third option is that someone from the community pitches in and uses our open source to build a Linux version and the various distribution support required.

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    Nora – if you’re using Linux you’ve got plenty of options including EncFS, GPG2 and OpenSSL.

    Good though AxCrypt is, it’s primarily targeted for Windows and Mac users.

    Linux has a variety of excellent default encryption utilities so there’s really no need for AxCrypt. If you want to be able to transfer files to/from Windows/Mac then use GPG.

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    How am I supposed to open .axx files when I use my linux laptop if there is no linux version?

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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Giorgio,

    Sorry to say, There is no way to open/decrypt the encrypted files in linux because we dont have AxCrypt app in linux version.

    Please use windows, mac or mobile apps to access the encrypted files.

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