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    when i send a AxCrypt file to some one how can they open it?

    When they click on it it will not open

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    Hello Derrick,

    I am assuming the following:

    – You are using AxCrypt 2.
    – You have shared the file key with the recipient, by adding the recipient’s email address to the list of users the file is shared with.
    – You have sent the encrypted file to the recipient somehow, perhaps via email or by sharing via a cloud storage provider.

    The recipient then needs to have AxCrypt 2 installed on his/her computer and has a verified AxCrypt ID account and has set his/her password.

    The recipient then double-clicks on the file, signs in to AxCrypt if required, and the file opens.

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    Maybe it is a good idea to implement a function to encrypt files with AXCrypt but decrypt files with a password for users which not using axcrypt. In 7-Zip you are able to create .exe or .zip. Maybe it’s possible to do it that way too. Dear AX Team: what do you think?


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    That’s the main reason I’ve not bought the software Julian.

    The old 1.7 version had the functionality to create an .exe file but as of version 2 they’ve removed the feature claiming it’s ‘dangerous’.

    It is unacceptable for me to ask people to install AxCrypt (nor can I ask them to download and use the portable version) just so they can open an AxCrypt file from me.

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    Hi Julian and George,

    As mentioned, yes we did remove that function because it promotes insecure user behavior, and also very seldom actually works. No major email provider will allow you to send .exe-files as attachments. A longer discussion is found here .

    However, if you for whatever reason cannot ask the recipient to download AxCrypt by including the link to the download page in the email with the encrypted attachment, why not just send the user two files? The encrypted attachment and the portable version of AxCrypt 2 (yes, it’s an executable, so it’s just as likely to fail as a “self-decrypting” archive).

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