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    Hi William,

    You write: “Nobody can then blame AxCrypt if they lose their data“.

    The unfortunate fact is that this happens on a daily basis in various similar situations, most commonly forgotten passwords.

    Therefore, we’ll be requiring a user to enter the password again when changing options. We’ll still be getting some angry users blaming AxCrypt when they encrypted C:\Windows…

    Thanks for your input!

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    Hi – just adding my chorus to those who want subfolder encryption included as a feature or option. William makes a good suggestion. I would go so far as to say that this feature may  determine whether my organization buys Axcrypt after the trial  period is over.


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    Thanks Ron,


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    I’m confused. Actually If I encrypt a directory using the contextual command “Encrypt” then it recursively encrypts everything. If I add a directory to “Secured Folders” it only encrypt automatically 1st level files.

    From what I’m reading in this thread and considering the set-and-forget concept behind Secured Folders feature I’d expect to be the contrary. I really need a clarification.

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    Hello Albatros,

    Yes, you’re right. It *is* a bit confusing… But that is how it works right now. We’ll be changing this. Thanks!

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    What is happening to the recursive development? When can it be expected. I have clients waiting for this feature and I have to keep putting them off.

    Thank you.

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    It looks like it’s nearly ready according to their development website.

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    Hello Cyborg & skipro,

    Development is finished, and there’s just some testing to be done before release, planned next week. Just so it doesn’t come as a surprise, this feature is a part of the Premium Plan.

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    I’m a standard user but it’ll be worth the upgrade for me.

    When you release the new version next week I’ll pay for the upgrade then.

    It’s been a long time coming.

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    How will we know when it is available? Where on the web site will the new info regarding this feature be displayed or added?

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    skipro, it’s available now.

    Download it from here.

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