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    How can I encrypt files with their own individual passphrases. When I right-click on a file, the only option that I have is “encrypt”. I cannot “add passphrase” or anything like that. I need different files to have different passphrases depending on who I am sharing them with. Also, I need to share the files via email with others who do not have AxCrypt. Can they decrypt the file using the passphrase? Do they need AxCrypt? Currently, when I send the file, they are not given an option to enter the passphrase.

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    This is Svante from AxCrypt!

    (I’m responding only here, not separately to the two separate requests you sent via the premium help form on the web. Please also remember that we’re on central european time with daylight savings, UTC+2, and we work during normal office hours mostly).

    Now, to answer your question (we’ll be making a video on this soon).

    With AxCrypt 2, the way to enable others to open shared encrypted files is not via different individual passwords. It’s much easier. We call this key sharing.

    What you do is that after encrypting the file, you right-click it in the main AxCrypt window and select “Key Sharing”. In the dialog box, you enter the other parties e-mail addresses, click ‘Share’ and then ‘Ok’. This will share the unique file key actually used for encrypting the file with the designated parties.

    Once they receive the file, via e-mail or any other mechanism, they will be able to open it with their own password.

    Yes, each person needs to have a copy of AxCrypt, but if they can’t or won’t install AxCrypt on their computers they can download the portable version. These are all available on the download page at .


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    Svante, Im sad to read your post!


    I had 1.7 and it allowed encryption and passphrase. The document could be emailed or left alone on my PC and nobody could open the file. But now with 2.1 I cant.

    I dont wish to share documents, I want to passphrase files in my PC and thats it. Example, my hard drive crashed and a data recovery service will have to work on it. When they do, they will find my master password list in a text file, wipe open. I recently had two more crashes and the PCs went to shops for repairs. Each time, there are sensitive files right on the desktop for the shop to see and steal. Without being able to passphrase files for myself, no sharing, everything can be stolen and used. SAD! Are there any programs in the market that allow for document handling the way 1.7 did? I have x64 now and 1.7 is for x32 and cant be used by me.

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    I think you misunderstand. AxCrypt 2 does all that AxCrypt 1 does (and some more). You can still use it exactly like oyu describe for exactly that purpose, even more conveniently than before.

    You do not *have* to share documents! If all you need is straight-forward password protection via 128-bit encryption of files (like AxCrypt 1.7), then the Free version of AxCrypt 2 fits the bill perfectly.

    Best regards,


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    My work team is using axcrypt when i install this on my new computer, i cannot use it and the message on add programs says axcrypt (remove only).  If i install the new version 2.0, i cannot seem to be able to share encrypted files with other team members without also sharing my sign in id. i only want to share files with others by sharing the passphrase.

    how do i resolve these issues?

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    AxCrypt 2 only supports the more secure method of key sharing (which you don’t want to use).

    AxCrypt 1 allows use of multiple passwords (this is no longer available as it’s less secure).

    We cannot offer any help for AxCrypt 1 as it’s no longer maintained or supported, sorry.

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    Hello bindu,

    Please do not use ancient and obsolete versions of AxCrypt or any other software. Version is about 10 years old. For AxCrypt, if you insist to use the old version 1, please get the most recent version 1.7.3180 at .

    Or, better, update to version 2 and share files more easily and securely using the key sharing feature.

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