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    Hi all, is there an option to include all subfolders and files when securing a folder.  For instance, if I add c:\not porn to secured folders, my subfolder c:\not porn\peter dinklage scat and all vids are not encrypted.



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    Hello vjon,

    This is a frequently asked for feature, that we have deliberately not implemented yet. It’s not hard technically, but it has historically caused some major problems for users not realizing the full consequences (i.e. Encrypt c:\ recursive – yay, let’s encrypt everything, that must be secure!).

    We’ve had product planning meetings and discussions about how to ensure simple operation for most users, without exposing lots of options, while still enabling such functionality for users who are qualified to use them properly. We’re getting to a point where we have a concept we think will work, so it’s now on the list.

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    I’m looking for a software providing such a feature (recursive folder encryption). This is a key feature for us, and would be used to automatically encrypt a whole network share (with many sub-folders) on a Windows server.

    If this was available on your AxCrypt software, we’d purchase it right now.

    Do you have a visibility on the software roadmap, and adding this feature in a future release ?

    Best regards.


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    Hello Agostinho,

    It’s on the road map as mentioned, we just don’t have a timeframe. It’s not a technical difficulty, it’s how to add such a powerful feature without unwary users burning their fingers on it ;-)

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    Thanks Svante,

    I understand, however as we need this feature right now, we should chose an alternative solution to be deployed in our environment.

    Indeed, our need is quite important and urgent, so we can’t wait for an undefined period of time.

    Thanks anyway for your assistance.

    Best regards.




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    I understand the reluctance to add “Recursive” to the secured and encrypted folder options but simply warn the user when they enable it under some options and then warn them when they try to use it add a 30 second timer preventing the user from pressing yes too quickly. The dialogue warning should say something along the lines of “You are about to encrypt folder X and all its sub folders, do you wish to continue?” user reads presses Yes or No – after that warning a final prompt to say the folder X and all sub folders are being encrypted continue or cancel…

    Respectfully, some users are not idiots and know what we want to do so you could also add a “power user” option allowing recursive sub folders and a single prompt.

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    Hello Fox,

    Thanks for your input! Yes, that’s the plan.

    We’ll be adding such options, but they will be behind something like “You are about to change an option that may be dangerous. Please confirm by entering your password again.”.

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