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    Jeff Colwell

    I use an Excel spreadsheet for passwords.  After the latest update once I close the file, AxCrypt does not require entering the password again to reopen.  The older version required the password to be entered every time the file was opened, which is what I prefer.  Is there a setting I need to change to get the old behavior?

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Jeff Colwell,

    AxCrypt 2 works just like your email software or most other password-protected systems. You sign in once and remain signed in until signed out. Just like you can read many emails without entering the password every time, AxCrypt will do the same. The files are still encrypted, but your password is remembered until you sign out of AxCrypt.

    AxCrypt stays signed in until signed out, just like most similar applications such as your email. Once signed in, you can read, write and update information without having to re-enter the password, until signed out. AxCrypt will automatically sign out when the screen saver goes active(based on the Inactivity Sign Out configuration), or you can sign out manually.

    You can use our Inactivity Sign Out feature, to sign out the AxCrypt app on certain time interval of inactivity. Also you can sign out the AxCrypt app, when opened the encrypted file(s). Now AxCrypt will ask the user to enter the sign in password to sign in to the AxCrypt app.

    For Inactivity Sign Out, File | Options | Inactivity Sign Out | Choose duration in minutes.

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    Jeff Colwell

    Thanks for the explanation.  I would have sworn that once I put Win10 to sleep manually I had to re-enter the AxCrypt password, but don’t have to do that now.  Perhaps I am mistaken.  Maybe because I use AxCrypt offline, and I changed that during the Professional trial, the inactive sign out settings stuck and I didn’t realize it.  Right now those are all greyed out after I updated AxCrypt and is currently fixed on disable because it is a feature for the Professional version only.  So, I now understand how to get to the behavior I want.  Thank you for letting me know how to fix it.

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    Same issue here. When opening an encrypted file I used to receive a prompt to sign in after signing out, and then another prompt to enter the encryption password.  Now I just receive a sign in prompt.  I have reinstalled windows recently but made no change  to axcrpt, which I have as the portable version.


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