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    I encrypted a file, and could open it by simple double clicking = this is not secure at all..

    I tried to do it with another file and I got the same result.


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    Hi Bobby,

    This is intentional behavior by design. Please read for a longer discussion about this design.

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    Bobby, no encryption software will help you if you leave your computer unlocked.

    • Somebody could delete a file
    • Somebody could install a key-logger / malware / virus
    • Somebody copy your encrypted files onto a USB and try to crack them offline
    • Somebody could analyse the Windows Swap file or Temp folder which has data remnants
    • There are lots of other methods out there. If you don’t lock your computer, you’ve made yourself insecure.


    Windows Lock Shortcut

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    In as much as I agree with the above arguments, I have to say that I do not like this feature and I reinstalled the old 1.7 version.

    In a small office environment, it is A LOT less likely for someone to install a key-logger than to just passing-by tries double-clicking a file.

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    Hello nobody,

    In a small office environment (or anywhere else for that matter) – never walk away from your computer without locking it.

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    Right. I understand.

    However – in my office, anybody out of 5 guys there is allowed to sit at my computer and check and fix something in case I’m not there to do it myself. Everybody is the domain administrator, so they could change the password if they wanted, but they don’t have to, cause it’s “12345” and everybody knows it.

    But I do have some private files on the computer and those I would like to have encrypted without axcrypt remembering my password.

    I totally understand that most offices don’t work this way, but my, luckily, does. So for me, version 1.7 it is.

    Also I would like to say that I really like the simple yet powerful feature that axcrypt provides. Keep up the good work. Just make it a bit more configurable and allow people to completely switch off saving the password. BTW, the documentation talks about the possibility to uncheck the “save my password”, but I haven’t seen that in the app (I run a Windows Server 2012 R2).


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    Hi nobody,

    Got it. We will in fact add options such as this relatively soon.

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