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    Have just loaded the swre and have a few queries …..

    1. Can you confirm that the swre should encrypt all files and folders within a folder for which encryption is requested.

    2. Will the software encrypt .pdf and other image files


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    1 – If you’re a premium customer you can designate a whole folder as Secured Folder. AxCrypt will also watch the folder and automatically encrypt anything new put in there. If you’re a free customer you can still encrypt everything but you will need to select them all manually; or use right click in Windows Explorer. AxCrypt won’t encrypt folders within folders unless you choose the Include Subfolders option.

    2 – AxCrypt encrypts any file.

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    Thanks John!

    One clarification – the free version will encrypt subfolders within folders if selected from Windows Explorer. For AxCrypt to work with subfolders in folders from itself, including the Secure Folder function, Premium and the Include Subfolders option to be enabled is indeed required.

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    I have a question related to this. When you encrypt an entire folder, is there a way for the “rename” feature to rename the folder name and sub folders names along with the filenames.

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    Hello Scott,

    Sorry, no you’ll have to rename the folders yourself. The reason is that with files, we can keep the original file name encrypted inside the encrypted file. But we don’t have any where to place the folder name, so it would be irreversible.

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    Ok, thank you for the response.

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    Dennis H.

    So I’m a bit of an IT simpleton.  I just want a software system that allows me to encrypt a folder and its many subfolders.  If I download the Free version of AxCrypt, can I encrypt a folder and will the subfolders also be encrypted?

    What’s this point made above about having Windows Explorer?  Why would I need a browser to encrypt folders on my hard drive?



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