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    Rob Whittlesey

    I keep getting errors that AxCrypt cannot encrypt certain filetypes like thumbnail.db or something.lnk or website.url. Is there a way of exluding these filetypes?

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Rob,

    AxCrypt can encrypt most of the file types. Also some file types AxCrypt will not encrypt due to security reasons.

    You can encrypted the image file with AxCrypt app. But AxCrypt app do not encrypted thumbnails files.

    AxCrypt will not encrypt any system, hidden files and operating system installed drives/folder. So please avoid securing that kind of folders.

    Because AxCrypt encrypted files will have a special file extension .axx and those will be opened only with the AxCrypt app.

    If the above does not help,please provide more information about the issue and write a mail to . you can send a screenshot showing where the problem is, it often helps us understand.

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    Rob Whittlesey

    I understand that AxCrypt will not encrypt any system files. My problem is that it displays a pop-up showing that it won’t encrypt it. Last week I pressed the Sweep icon to encrypt everything in my watch folders which have a lot of image folders, links and URL’s and spent a couple of hours clicking on these annoying pop-ups!

    I know you can hide the warning, but I would like the warning to appear if there is a genuine problem with a file.

    So my original question remains, is there a way to stop AxCrypt from even attempting to encrypt certain filetypes?
    For example an “exclusion list”, for example add *.url to exclude all the URL filetypes.

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    torture game 2

    I am also investigating this issue. Very great article. Thank you!

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    ooh. great! At first I didn’t think I would find a problem here. But I saw. Thank you! torture game 2

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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Rob,

    Sorry to say, there is no way to stop AxCrypt from even attempting to encrypt certain filetypes except stop encrypting those file types.

    Instead, we can skip the particular type of warning popups by clicking the Do not show again check box in the warning dialog. If we ticked the checkbox, then we will not get the same type of warning alerts again. Still, you might get some other types of warning alerts based on the files or some other reasons.

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    Patrick Yeung

    Dear Sir,

    I have opened 2 Axcrypt accounts with two different sign in passwords. How to merge this two accounts into one.

    Thank you.


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