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    The only change was to install office 365. Since then I get the following message : Decrypt and launch of ¨to-remember-doc.axx¨failed, failed to launch application for ¨to remember doc¨, The operation completed successfully.

    Was the installation and the problem with AxCrypt related?

    What can I do to get access to my crypted documents?


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    Alain your message is disjointed. Have you posted more information on your problem elsewhere?

    I’m going to take a guess at your problem. You’re successfully decrypting your files with AxCrypt but Windows hasn’t got a proper file association for Office365.

    • Open Microsoft Word
    • Create a file called DOCUMENT.DOC on your desktop (ensure it’s saved)
    • Quit Microsoft Word
    • Right click on the file .DOC file (do not right click on the .AXX file)
    • Click Open With
      • Click Choose Another App
      • Find Microsoft Word
      • Choose ‘Always use this app to open .doc files.
    • Now go back and double click on your AxCrypt file
      • Windows should now associate .DOC files with Microsoft Word
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    Thank you Ryan!

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