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    I use the free version and open/close/encrypt/decrypt solely from within File Explorer, usually on a desktop. I find that after I open an encrypted file and close it, the Axcrypt/File Explorer program combination won’t release it. The file shows up as closed and encrypted in File Explorer, but if I try to decrypt it (usually to change a typo in the saved name), the software tells me that I can’t do that because the file is open in another application, which is not correct. To resolve this, I have to dig down to the temporary folder that AxCrypt has set up on the C drive under AppData/Local/AxCrypt, find the unencrypted file, drag it into the directory where I store the file, delete the encrypted version, make the name change I wanted, and re-encrypt the file. A similar problem occurs when I try to safely remove a flash drive that has encrypted files on it. The software always says that the drive is being used by an application because Axcrypt is refusing to release the files. I go ahead and remove the drive and no damage is done. I thought maybe I need to use the Axcrypt app window instead to free up files, but when I looked at it now, it is only showing files from the last time I used that interface, which was many months ago. Finally, I have noticed it is frequently taking a long time to open encrypted PDF files (as much as ten seconds). The delay does not happen with unencrypted files, so I I am assuming there is a problem in accessing the Axcrypt software, rather than some malware hogging my CPU time.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Bryan,

    In order to provide us with detailed information to help us help you, for this situation we’d like a full error report. Please follow the detailed instructions here:


    Please You can make a video record about the issue and send it to our support team( We check the video and try to resolve the issue.

    Also, please tell about – which operating system version and AxCrypt app version you are using?

    AxCrypt decrypts the encrypted file and helps to open the same with the corresponding application(s). AxCrypt performs as much as faster based on the user’s system configuration and the file size and file count.

    AxCrypt just decrypts the files only. After that PDF files are opening in the Corresponding Application only. So Corresponding application only takes a time to open the files.

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