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    I use AxCrypt at work and one of the features that I’d like to see is an Audit Log to demonstrate compliance.

    This would contain at a minimum:

    • Computer Name (HostUUID)
    • Windows Login Name
    • AxCrypt Version
    • OS Version
    • Encryption Strength
    • Premium or free status
    • All of the files and folders ever encrypted plus a timestamp
    • Ability to print a hard copy ‘certificate’ with all the data above included
    • Ability to export everything above to a CSV file

    For us to consider using this beyond a couple of users this would be an essential feature. Not all of your users would need this feature so it should be optional but many businesses need to prove compliance with various legalities and a printable certificate containing an audit log is mandatory.

    I’m a free user now but I plan on upgrading when you introduce Recursive Folder Encryption for Premium users. It would be acceptable for this sort of ‘enterprise’ feature to be Premium Only.

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    Hello Cyborg,

    This is indeed an interesting feature to introduce. After the release of the Mac version in a few weeks, we’ll start work on the next level of AxCrypt – AxCrypt Business. This will be a plan for business, and will include the possibility to purchase for groups of users, key recovery and some customization with graphics and internal help links. Your audit trail suggestion would be an excellent addition to that feature list.

    We will look into more details how such an audit trail would be generated, used and saved.

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