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    I understand your reluctance to add this feature to Version 2.  However, it is one of the most valuable features to me in Version 1.

    Why not just include the feature, with what ever warnings you wish, and let the user decide for himself whether to use it or not.  Meanwhile I will stick with Version 1.

    Thanks for your product.

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    Hello RHF,

    Thanks for your input. Can you just explain why the standalone full version of AxCrypt 2 is a less good solution than the extremely limited decrypt-only version that is the self-decrypting version for AxCrypt 1?

    I’m trying to understand exactly what it is that users are looking for, so that we can find a way to provide the benefits without the drawbacks.

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    If I only needed the file encryption capability for myself, I would use your AxCrypt Version 2.  However, my use case may be slightly different from most of your users.

    I work with several non-profit groups and often need to communicate with people who are not very computer literate. With AxCrypt V.1  I can encrypt and zip-up the files, and recipients can unzip and execute the self-decrypting files (with an agreed-upon password of course)  without having to install another program on their machine.  The files that I send, such as treasurer’s reports or bank statements, can be sensitive but are not really top secret. The security of this approach is quite adequate for our needs, and I am very reluctant to ask folks to install AxCrypt on their machines.



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    Hello Anonymous,

    But that is kind of my point – with the standalone download version of AxCrypt 2, there is no need to install anything.

    And, with the key-sharing functionality, you don’t even have to agree on a password with the recipient. They will set their own password and use that.

    Still, we’ll be looking into ways of making AxCrypt 2 offer some of the very simple pure password-based modes of operation in the future.

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    The removal of the ability to create self-decrypting executables is the reason I stopped using AxCrypt.

    I’ve moved over to 7-Zip which provides this feature using AES-256 bit encryption and it’s free and open source.

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    Hi Ryan!

    Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to see you go, but self-decrypting/self-unpacking files are really quite evil ;-) It’s just not a good function.

    We’ll instead be focusing on making the stand alone version even easier to use, so it can be used without an account.

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