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    Greetings –

    When trying to share a file out – I get the dialogue box where it asks me to select a contact.  When I enter the E-Mail address into the field nothing is added to the contact list nor is a file shared.  Is this a known bug by chance?


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    Hello Troy,

    No, it’s not a known bug. Can you perhaps post a screen shot demonstrating the issue? It suprisingly often helps a lot with a screen shot.

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    I want to encrypt files with the public key of another user shared with me and put this file in a CD or USB stick.

    Used to be posible to encrypt using a passphrase. Then sharing the passphrase the other person con decrypt.

    I wait for your enlightment.

    Best regards,


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    Hello Elena,

    It’s very easy. Just follow the instructions in found under the section “Key Sharing” here: .

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