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    I have files that I encrypted in 2012.  I now need to access them.

    I didn’t have axcrypt on my computer and when I downloaded it asked me for my

    email and to set up a password.  I know I had a previous account and I have my old

    password, but it won’t let me open my files.  How can I reset the password for my old files

    and confirm the email that my original account was set up with?  Thank you for your help!

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    Hello Julian,

    Regardless of what password you set when you signed up this time, the old password is still the one you need to know.

    If a file is encrypted with a different password than what you’re signed in with, it’ll ask you for the file password.

    You can’t reset a password for encrypted files, that’s not how encryption works. You can reset the sign in password, but that only allows you to sign in to the service – it won’t let you open older encrypted files. To open or decrypt an older file you need to know the original password.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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