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    At my first visit just after signing up with a promise of 30 days of free premium account, what surprise to read in red: “Your premium account has expired”. It is honestly a bad welcome…

    Anyway I signed up to get a premium account. But it’s not very fairplay to expire it as soon as the first minute ;-)

    Just for info…

    Best regards.


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    Hello Xavier,

    You’re right – it’s a bit confusing, and doesn’t feel that welcome. It’s because there are various ways to sign up, you presumably did so via the webb. When you sign up via the AxCrypt App, it’s a little more clear. And that’s also where you start your trial period. We’ll improve that, thanks for pointing it out to us!

    Anyway, I’ve extended your Premium to include the Trial month as well.

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    Many thanks for all. I use AxCrypt for years now and it’s always a pleasure ;-)
    Thanks for all.

    Best regards.


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