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    I’ve tried AxCrypt for a couple of hours and this is my impression:

    1) In order to secure folders one need the Premium option – Correct?

    2) Encryption of folders work on one level only, meaning, it doesn’t encrypt in more depth, more subfolders – Is this Correct?

    3) The same for decryption as the point above!




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    Hello Liv,

    1) Yes, in order to monitor them to keep them secured, Premium is required.

    2) Yes, we’ll be implementing recursive subfolder encryption as an option. There’s a long separate thread on why we have not done so yet (briefly: it’s dangerous, and we’ve had some users not understanding the consequences).

    3) Yes, it’s part of the same thing. Recursive subfolder encryption/decryption.

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    Many times, while encrypting/decrypting/erasing a directory with many files and subfolders, I simply don’t know if AC is doing something or has already finished the job. For his peace of mind, and no matter if you move from one app dialogue box to another, a permanent and very visible icon should give the user a crystal clear feedback on what’s going on (in my opinion, though).

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    Not erasing folders name when you are trying to erase everything, should be only an option

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