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    Enjoying the product guys!

    Heres a question… whilst the green progress bar at the bottom is of some use in that is indicates AxCrypt is processing files, it would be awfully useful if it indicated how far it has got through it’s tasks. Could it have a % of files completed status or perhaps “x out of n files processed”. Appreciate ot may be difficult to quantify time due to differing file sizes, but a green bar that progresses back and forth randomly may as well be a spinning wheel of mystery.


    Also, what about a log file that can be audited?



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    Hello Neil,

    The progress bar will be improved. The main problem is that it’s not possible to quantify the total amount of work (number of files / number of bytes or whatever) without actually enumerating all the work that needs to be done. That can take considerable amounts of time. Also… AxCrypt does things on multiple threads, and it displays each thread as a sub-division of the progress bar.

    All that being said, you’re right, it needs improvement. Thanks for reminding us!

    There is no simple log file of work done, that’s actually a good idea. We do have a log, but it’s more for troubleshooting purposes. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the response, and yeh, I kinda thought this would be a nice to have but difficult to achieve! I think any improvements you could make to the status bar to show any meaningful information would be well received by the community. ATB!

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