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    Hello, my name is Gregory. I am from Ukraine. Someone Installed your program on my server and encrypted the entire system and files. Now this pirate demands money for decrypting. Can I hope for a decrypting of my files with your help?

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    I am very sorry to hear that you apparently are the victim of a hacker ransom attack against your files.

    However, please understand that AxCrypt is just a tool that is used by millions of legitimate users for good purposes. We are very sad that a hacker has choosen AxCrypt as the tool to perform the ransom attacks that appear to plague mostly Turkey, and apparently in your case Ukraine.

    Unfortunately in this case, AxCrypt is based on strong encryption, and it is generally not possible to crack the encryption.

    What you must do is contact your local police, and have them follow the money and Internet trail to the hacker. Since others appear to be in the same situation, you may want to contact media in order to make this problem more widely known, and also gain the possibility of a group action of all the victims against the hacker.

    We cannot help, we are in no way involved, and there is no way to open the files without the passphrase used.

    Please read for a longer discussion of what I know about this affair. This has been going on for a long time…

    AxCrypt is a legitimate tool that a malicious hacker has choosen to use in order to commit his crimes. Neither AxCrypt nor we are the problem. The hacker, and the conditions that led the hacker to succeed is the problem.

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    Alors, je voudrais savoir si il aurait un moyen de retrouver un “mot de passe” que l’on a mis sur un dossier ? S’il vous plaît.

    Car, il y a un longtemps j’ai crypté plusieurs dossiers avec un mot de passe mais j’ai oublié ce mot de passe… Du coup maintenant quand j’essaye d’ouvrir ses fichiers le logiciel me demande le mot de passe mais je ne le connais plus. S’il vous plaît aidez moi..



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    La règle de base est la suivante: Si vous perdez ou oubliez votre mot de passe ou fichier-clé, vos documents sont perdus. Il n’y a pas de porte arrière dans AxCrypt.

    La seule façon de récupérer un mot de passe perdu est d’essayer toutes les combinaisons possibles.


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