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    Google Translate

    I still can not use HiDrive on my Iphone. When this is achieved.

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    What has this got to do with AxCrypt encryption?

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    HiDrive is similar to Dropbox and Google Drive.
    It is a cloud service.
    I can not do anything with AxCrypt on my smartphone, really annoying.
    So my question is still intact “When this is settled.

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    Hello René,

    I don’t really know anything about HiDrive, but if they have support equivalent to Dropbox and Drive on the mobile phones, AxCrypt should work with it. Perhaps you can contact support and send screen shots of what appears to go wrong?

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    Translated with Google Translate.
    I can select two locations in the App on my Iphone.
    Dropbox and Google Drive
    When I get more on the buttom, I get back to dropbox and google drive.
    Furthermore, I can not choose anything

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    I don’t think HiDrive is supported fully on the iPhone. It appears it can only be used via their own app.

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