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    Hi Svante !

    As you are a cryptology expert, may I ask you these simple question ?

    How secure is 128 bits encryption compared to 256 bits encryption ?

    Is 128 bits encryption enough to secure data against anybody who would try to open the crypted files ?

    When I mean anybody, I mean someone who would get an authorized access to my computer or someone who would steal it and would try to get an access to these same crypted files, I am not talking about governmental services who would have access to super computers like Titan or Tianhe-2…

    Thank you very much !

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    Hello Sputnik,

    The short answer to your question, is yes, 128-bits suffices.

    The medium answer is that it’s really about your password. If you have a weak password you’re not using the full strength of the algorithm, and then it does not matter if it’s 128 or 256 or whatever. So, you need a really strong password. The problem here is that it’s actually quite hard to type and remember a password that is equivalent to 128 bits, not to say 256.

    If you use our password generator┬áthe strong password is approximately equivalent to 95 bits, and the short about 30 bits, so you can take a long and add a short, and you’ll get full strength.

    In my personal opinion the long password is sufficient for all reasonable and most unreasonable attacks. A government might possibly crack such a password with time and some luck (there’s some strengthening added to, so it’s really about 105 – 110 bits), but only at great expense if at all. Personally I doubt it. A real 128-bit equivalent is currently out of the reach for anyone, including governments.



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    Thank you very much for your answer Svante !

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    You are most welcome. Good luck!

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