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    I’m giving a try to axcrypt 2.X I was (I am) a bit reluctant to use 2.x as I feel 1.7 was much better it but I’ll give a try. First problem I find is that I can’t  change the password that Axcrypt ask when opening the program

    Thanks for the support!

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    Hello Martin,

    What do you mean that you can’t change the password?

    You can do this under the File | Options menu, like this:

    Change Password

    If this does not work for you, please send us a screen shot of the situation.


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    Thanks for your fast reply


    I thougth it was for changig the password of the file not the main password. Thanks again for your reply and sorry for the inconvinience.

    As I said I am a fan ofAx 1.7 and I’ll give a try to version 2, although I’m a bit confussed with some of the new features

    Anyhow i’ll keep on advising Ax as great product



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    Good luck, and thanks for the feedback. We’ll try to make it even clearer. The “main” password is for all files encrypted with AxCrypt 2. You sign in once per session, and then encrypt and decrypt using that password automatically.

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    What happens if I encrypt a bunch of files with my new Axcrypt 2.x account, and then change the password for my account.


    Will the files I already encrypted still open with my new password?  Or do I need to re-encrypt them after I change my account password?



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    Hi Shawn,

    That’s the beauty of AxCrypt ID account which is based on public key technology.

    When you change (not reset) your password for your AxCrypt ID account, *all* files previously encrypted with that AxCrypt ID account will automagically open with the new changed password.

    Technically, this works because your AxCrypt ID is associated with a public key pair. Each file is encrypted with a random and unique file key. This file key is in turn encrypted and placed in the encrypted file. The file key is encrypted both with the original password using a symmetric encryption key wrap, but also with your AxCrypt ID public key.

    When you change (not reset) your password for your AxCrypt ID account, essentially what happens is that you re-encrypt your private key of the key pair with the new password.

    So, when opening a file when signed to your AxCrypt ID the following happens:

    – Your private key of the AxCrypt ID is decrypted using your sign in password.
    – The encrypted file key is located in the .axx AxCrypt encrypted file, and decrypted using the private key.
    – The decrypted file key is used to decrypt the actual file contents.

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    Christian MOUTIER


    I am quite confused with the new (basic) version of AxCrypt.

    • Depending on the receiver and the files I want to send, I usually use different passwords. Can you explain me how to do that easily?
    • For the same reason, how can I open encrypted files with different passwords when I have no internet connection ?

    Hope my English id understandable!

    All the best from France.


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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Christian,

    AxCrypt 2.x does not support different passwords on different files features due to some security reasons. You can check our blog for more information.

    There is no need to share passwords in order to send or share files securely with others. AxCrypt has a key sharing feature letting you add recipients by email address, who when they receive the file can open it with their own AxCrypt password.

    Key sharing embeds the shared key into the file. The file must thus first be key shared with the recipient, then sent or file shared. Please note that AxCrypt does not share or send the actual file. To see a quick instructional video explaining how to use key sharing, please view .

    Instead of encrypting with different passwords, You can use AxCrypt key sharing feature to share the encrypted files with more than one other users.

    AxCrypt app works without internet also. Internet is required only for fetching the user account(s) and subscription information. Internet is not required for encrypting/decrypting the files.

    AxCrypt will allow the users to decrypt the encrypted file with the original password which is used for encryption.

    AxCrypt will prompt the user to enter the file password when we decrypt/open the encrypted files which are encrypted other than the sign in password.

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    Terry Lewis


    I’m having issues after I changed my password and now it’s not recognized. I have Windows 10 and I guess it happened after the latest update.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Terry ,

    AxCrypt will allow the users to decrypt the encrypted file with the original password which is used for encryption.

    If the file was encrypted with a different password than your sign in password, then you have to enter the file password while viewing/decrypting the encrypted file.

    For example: Try to encrypt a file with your AxCrypt password and then reset your AxCrypt account password using Reset Password Feature. Now if you open the encrypted file, you will be prompted for enter the file password (which is used for encryption of the file).

    Still, you can open/decrypt the old encrypted files with the original file password(which was used in the file encryption process).

    For more info about Password Change and Password Reset: and

    If you think you almost know the password, we have simple software allowing you to try to find your password, and you can download the most recent version from and read of how to use it at . Please note that we cannot provide support beyond this.

    If the above does not help,please provide more information about the issue and write a mail to .


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