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    laurel valley

    I have been using AxCrypt version 1 for many years and just installed version 2. Is there any way to stop the AxCrypt sign-on screen prompt and file display window from popping up when my system wakes from sleep mode? Version 1 never did this and it is very annoying to see this in version 2 since my system goes to sleep frequently. I like your product but do not want to see pop-ups and have to sign in every time my system wakes from sleep mode. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hello Laurel!

    Well, I guess it’s hard to please everybody. This was put in due to frequent user demand.

    I really don’t like options and settings, but I don’t want to make annoying software either! It’s not a hard thing to fix, but it would be nice if it could be done implicitly somehow.

    One idea is perhaps to *not* sign out if the screen saver or sleep mode *is* protected by a password. Do you have to enter a password to get into Windows after your PC wakes from sleep?


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    Laurel Valley


    I have been reading many of the posts in the various forums to learn more about AxCrypt 2 and found where your reply #3102 in Forums / Bugs & Issues / Can’t Open Existing AxCrypt Files with Latest Version of AxCrypt stated “Also, AxCrypt 2 will automatically sign out if the screen saver becomes active, you log out of your Windows session, the computer goes to sleep or is shut down. The point here is that you should never walk away from your computer without at least a password protected screen saver being active.”

    I totally agree with your position on this after giving it more thought and think you should forget my suggestion. Believe me, I understand that you can’t please everyone.

    I respect your rationale and will adapt my use of AxCrypt so that I always Exit when I am finished with the documents I am working on. That is a small learning curve that will make everything more secure – the overall purpose of your product.

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    Thank Laurel for the response!

    I’m also happy to see that the forums are working as they should, as a source of information, opinions and criticisms of AxCrypt.

    To that end, and since it fits nicely in the subject topic, I was just reminded of the “10 Immutable Laws of security.”.

    They are good laws to follow!

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    A potential workaround would be that when a user logs into windows, AxCrypt would remain minimized in the taskbar until a AxCrypt action is requested by the user.  Once a user requests an AxCrypt action, such as, file encryption/decryption should the login dialog popup.

    I personally may log in and out several times without accessing my files.  If the application would remain minimized, it wouldn’t bother me until I need it.

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    Hello DeniG,

    It should of course not pop-up just because you unlock your screen saver. Not sure if it really does that either, but as mentioned it should not.

    We added an issue that can be followed for this: .


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