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    J-P. Scherrer

    I have been using AxCrypt for sometimes -and still use it-, on my Windows PC as well as on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S….

    Now, I have bought a new iPad Mini and of course I would like to have AxCrypt in it, but it’s no more available on the App Store :-( !!

    How can I do to copy/transfer my iPad 2 or iPhone application to the new iPad Mini, or how can I do to recuperate my app ??

    BTW, I foiund a way to check on the App Store all the old applications I ever downloaded, but AxCrypt isn’t in the list ! strange….

    Really need help….. Thanks in advance for any advices…


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    AxCrypt is not yet available on iOS and Android, we are working on it. There used to be a third party application for using AxCrypt on iOS-devices. Unfortunately this does not run since older versions of iOS, and thats why its not on AppStore anymore. Stay tuned – soon we will release new mobile apps!


    Best regards,



    AxCrypt AB

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    Earlier this week we released AxCrypt Mobile for Android.

    Now we have released AxCrypt Mobile for iOS.

    Thank you for your support.


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