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    excellent work!
    I am testing the beta and I have a suggestion to make.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have the encrypted files with the original file icon and a small ‘badge’ on the original icon that identifies them as encrypted?
    For example look at the badge used by dropbox on the lower left corner of these icons. I would look nice to have a similar Axcrypt badge on the upper right corner of the icon with the original icon on the back.
    Icon badge example

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    I am glad you like AxCrypt. Implementing Icon Overlays as the technique is called is unfortunately a bit tricky, and also it works so-so. I’ve seen many implementations by very good developers, and it just doesn’t work that well. It’s also quite complicated for us, since we’re actually changing the extension of the files. I.e. – we need to retrieve the originally associated icon, then produce the overlay version, and finally supply Windows with it.

    In version 2, we might do this kind of thing inside the desktop application, while not doing it in the Windows Explorer extension.

    Thank you for your input, keep it coming!

    Best Regards,

    Svante & The AxCrypt Team

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