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    Greetings to whom it may concern.

    I have been testing the AxCrypt utility on a non-production system.

    Reading this support forum I see a majority of users are either home or small business. We fall into the latter category as we’ve got two staff members who happily use the free version.

    We don’t have the funds to professionally audit all of our software but for important utilities like encryption I always check to ensure there are no serious bugs. I found a nice feature {not a bug} that signs the user out after a period of inactivity.

    I could add the feature myself† but this is out of the question because we never use non-authentic software on our production systems. Any changes I make would not be signed by AxCrypt and we wouldn’t use our signing certificate to sign another developers’ software.

    † we’d pay to upgrade them to premium

    The feature is the Inactivity sign out. Can a “Custom” option be added which calls an input box which sets the InactivititySignOutTime so the user can then add their own sign out time? This is the easiest solution and wouldn’t require staff to change local configurations.

    This is the screenshot showing what I mean.

    I had to make a temporary premium user solely to enable testing the inactivity feature but I shall not be distributing this to our staff or anywhere else so not to worry.

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    Hello Erengisle,

    The Inactivity Sign Out feature is part of the Premium package but we have not released it just yet (the source repo is a little ahead of the released versions while we work and verify), but of course since the Windows version is open source under GPL you can do what you did.

    Once it’s released it’ll be directly available with the official code signed version from us, with Premium.

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    We would rather purchase it properly even though it’s GPL. We only use signed software because our production systems block unsigned software and our intrusion protection system checks the SHA256 hash against a cloud approved list.

    We also want to support development of the software and we’d rather pay for somebody else to maintain it

    I suggest removing those 5 options (Disable, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes) and instead when the user clicks on Inactivity Sign Out a pop-up asks for the time in minutes. It would improve the interface and be much more customisable.

    You could store the setting in XML and whenever the user clicks on Inactivity Sign Out it’d return the current setting.

    This looks clean.

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    Thanks Erengisle,

    It was considered, but for what it’s worth we decided on the fixed intervals to start with. We may well change this of course, depending on input.

    The reason it’s not yet released is that we’re still testing and validating some scenarios where automatic sign out causes non-intuitive behavior, and in one case even loss of updates. We’re working on it, but it’s vacation time and we’re not fully staffed right now.

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    Predrag Damnjanović

    Please add “30 second” and “1 minute” as options.

    I’m using AxCrypt (premium) for crypting private SSH keys.
    Putty (SSH client) need key only when make a connection to SSH.
    After that key can be encrypted again, no need for decrypted version of file.

    Or better, make option (on right click) “Encrypt for” and submenu with intervals (30 seconds, 1 minute, etc…)

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    Predrag Damnjanović

    I mean “Decrypt for…”


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