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    Chris Thomas


    I am new to Axcrypt and I am using the Premium trial and have two questions.

    1. How do I tell Axcrypt to back up encrypted files to my One Drive. There is a folder there but it is empty. Do I need to do copy them manually or can this be done automatically?

    2. I am a sole Trader in Financial Services and need to keep files secure. These are business files so do I need Axcrypt Business or Axcrypt Premium?

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    Hello Chris,

    1 – AxCrypt does not by itself control OneDrive operations. It will encrypt files in designated places (semi-)automatically, for example a folder in your local drive that is synchronized with OneDrive. But the actual synchronization to OneDrive is done by OneDrive.

    2 – If you are a working as a registered company, you should be using AxCrypt Business – however we won’t come after you if you as a one man operation go with AxCrypt Premium ;-) . Do be aware that we don’t support VAT-free sales with AxCrypt Premium, and if you expand and need to handle several users, we only have a control panel for AxCrypt Business administration. We will be adding other features to AxCrypt Business as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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