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    I have installed axcrypt on windows 10 but have an unhandled exception “the path is not of a legal form” I don’t know what this means nor how to proceed. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but get the same error.

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    Hello david,

    It’s not entirely clear exactly what the issue is. Please provide more information, and if you can send a screenshot showing where the problem is, it often helps us understand.

    How to take a screenshot is explained here: .

    If you do not want to post screenshots here, submit a Premium support request by signing in to or by sending an email to support att axcrypt dott net .

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    Hi Svante

    thanks for your rapid reply.

    I have just booted up my laptop to get a screen dump and the fault has mysteriously disappeared and axcrypt appears to be working fine.

    Your mystical powers are working well!




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    Problem solved then David!

    The message you spoke about is a generic C# error but as long as it’s gone away then there is no problem.

    Microsoft have today released a number of critical security patches and general updates, one of which is the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7. It may have been that you failed to restart after installing/updating to the latest version of AxCrypt and the .NET service had been terminated by the Windows Server Update Services.

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    screen dump

    Hi Svante

    unfortunately this problem has reappeared – any suggestions would be well received





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    Hello David,

    Can you please send the information specified here: to our support email?

    Also, please ensure that you have the most recent version of AxCrypt from installed.

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