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    I’m new to AxCrypt. I have an encrypted Google Drive Sheet that I would like to view on my mobile device. I originally encrypted it on the Drive desktop version with AxCrypt running.

    I have the iOS app installed and am logged in. I have the Drive app and Sheets installed on my phone (and am logged in there, too). When I go to open an AxCrypt file and navigate to the file in Drive, it gets added to the list showing in AxCrypt and says decrypting, but I can’t actually open it. It just sits there in the list and keeps saying ‘decrypting’ when I tap on it. Is there something I’m missing (in the original encryption process or the mobile viewing setup)?


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    Try forcibly closing the AxCrypt app and restarting it. Then try logging in and decrypting your file again; it should work.

    P.S. I believe that AxCrypt on Android is only available for Premium customers. If you’re a Premium customer, on on a Premium trial, then this won’t make any difference. If you’re a Free customer then this may be why it’s not working.

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    I’ve tried force closing and restarting, as well as reinstalling the app. Still a no go. I’m testing a Premium account.

    On my iPhone, I  can view an encrypted Excel table on Drive, but when I try with my encrypted Google Sheet, once the ‘decrypting’ alert goes away, nothing happens. I tried deleting and recreating  the sheet, too. This is functionality the mobile app is supposed to provide, right?

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    I believe that functionality is supposed to exist. There could be a problem with the API which only the developer can fix.

    You might want to email and see if they’re aware of the problem. It could be an error with Google integration.

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