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    This was the reply on an App Store review: “You’re partially right. The iOS app is not free, it is part of the extended Premium subscription which includes other other additional features and server based capabilities. The desktop app can be used both free and with Premium features enabled. We’ve updated the description to clarify this further.”

    As far as i remember, i got a message saying “your trial is about to expire” so that’s why i uninstalled and got Boxcryptor instead (though it’s purpose is different).

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    Be careful with Boxcryptor; I’ve used it before and lost my data.

    Boxcryptor stores indexing files in the cloud; if those get destroyed or deleted then you’ll lose your data.

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    Okay.. can you also answer my question?

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    Hello Ken,

    FYI – AxCrypt does not work like that at all. We do store some things our servers (specifically an AxCrypt-encrypted backup of your private key), but these are only for *convenience*. You can always decrypt your files if you have the file, AxCrypt software, and know the original password in effect of the time of encryption. You do not need any access to our servers, Internet or anything else.

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    Hello AxKrypt,

    Sorry, I did not realize the subject of the post was a question, since the quote you posted answers it I thought.

    AxCrypt is free as it is, but you can subscribe to Premium which gives you additional functions and features. See .


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    I signed up for the premium trial period. What happens when it’s over and I do not want to subscribe since the free version is all I really need. Will it me me do that? Do I ave to re-isntal the software?

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    Hello Douglas,

    The same response as before is still valid:

    AxCrypt is free as it is, but you can subscribe to Premium which gives you additional functions and features. See .

    You do not need to reinstall or anything.

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    Gene Suarez
    • I am unable to use AxCrypt for free.  When I try to login on my IPhone I get a dialogue box saying that I need to upgrade to premium  to use the app.  What should I do?
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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Gene ,

    Sorry to say, AxCrypt mobile app will not work without premium subscription.

    But we can use the limited features of  AxCrypt windows desktop app with free subscription.

    For AxCrypt mobile apps, AxCrypt Premium Subscription required.

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