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    I have been using Axcrypt Version 1 for about 6 years on a number of laptops and have no complaints. My requirements are simple. All I need is the ability to encrypt and decrypt files and folders.  I’m thinking about purchasing a tablet so I’m now looking at Version 2 software.

    Reviewing your website I see that you have made significant changes between Version 1 and 2. Using Version 2, can I continue encrypting/decrypting files and folders? I have no need for using the “cloud” or any of the other features that are available with the new version.

    Thank you for a great stable product.




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    I have exactly the same experience and the same question.

    Besides, I have tried to install AxCrypt 2, but it was unable to open files encrypted with AxCrypt 1.

    In anay case, thanks for your fine software.


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    If you cannot decrypt version 1-encrypted files with version 2, you’re not entering the correct password. AxCrypt version 2 is fully backwards compatible with version 1.

    Apart from additions and some changes in terminology and look and feel, AxCrypt 2 is equivalent to AxCrypt 1 – it can encrypt and decrypt files and makes it easy to work with encrypted files.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I know that I have to create an account but I don’t see a purpose for doing so.

    So if I understand correctly, I can still right click on a file/folder and select Encrypt or Decrypt using Version 2.

    One last question.

    Since my laptops already have Version 1 installed, I can just upgrade (not uninstall Version 1) to Version 2 without losing my existing encrypted files structure – true?

    Thanks again


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    Hello Anonymous,

    There are several reasons for the creation of the account, some are related to the ability to have business model for the Premium version, some are related to offering convenience and security for the users. I’ll be writing a blog post about this soon, stay posted!

    Yes, you can right-click and encrypt/decrypt files in Windows Explorer and double-click to decrypt/open/semi-automatically re-encrypt files.

    Yes, AxCrypt 2 will upgrade an AxCrypt 1 installation. No need to uninstall first. No harm done either.

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    I have used the original version successfully for several years.  I installed the newer version on a new PC.  I was surprised by some of the ‘new’ ways things work.   I typically store my secure files on a removable thumb drive.  This is to have no one else to see encrypted files at all.  In the old version, when I saved a file, I could go to a drop down and save as ‘Encrypted’.  It appears that this feature is not available on the version.  Am I correct?

    When I decrypt a file, view it, then re-encrypt it to the same location (a USB thumbdrive), I am surprised to later see that the name of the files previously opened appear in a popup list of ‘recently used files’, if I click on the Axcrypt icon again.  And this is even after I remove my thumb drive from the processor.  So, it appears that a level of security has been lost in the new version?? Or am I doing something wrong on my end?  I realize I can delete the names of the files manually, but that seems time consuming and cumbersome to have to do after decrypting and viewing a large number of files.

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    Hello Carl,

    I am not sure about what you mean with “In the old version, when I saved a file, I could go to a drop down and save as ‘Encrypted’.“. There never was such a function, since the implication is that you do this from an application when you “save a file”. Possibly you refer to right-click context menu options in Windows Explorer “Encrypt Copy” and “Encrypt Copy to .exe”? These are no longer available in AxCrypt  2, the first because of limited use and the second because of the inherent problems with encrypted “self-decrypting” exe-files.

    Your second question is about the “recent files list”. This is a convenience function in AxCrypt 2. What is perhaps not apparent is that the plain text (original file name) is actually encrypted before stored in the recent files list, so if they files are renamed after encryption that information is not easily obtainable. We made the decision that the convenience of use is worth more than the very doubtful “security” of not listing recently used files – this information is available in so many other places in the file system and other places, such as the respective applications etc. In order to minimize the use of AxCrypt for illegal purposes, the AxCrypt feature-set is aimed at users who have files to keep confidential – but not users who need to hide the fact that they have encrypted files at all.

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