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    i am new user of axcrypt and basic computer use.

    i need program to crypt my files but virus program tells me the axcrypt has virus and it deletes it.

    what can i do to remove this?

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    I don’t understand what you’re asking.

    AxCrypt does not have any viruses if you download it from the official website. You can confirm this by looking at the VirusTotal website.

    To be 100% sure you’re using genuine AxCrypt software you can download this program and then select “AxCrypt-2.1.1509.0-Setup.exe”. The unique code is: 4fbc9ac6d118297fb38ae47ec57d0a7696bd1742103c4bd8ec4153ab7b75c145. If it matches then you can be certain this is genuine AxCrypt software.

    Another way is to right click on the file, click properties and then click Digital Signatures. It should say:

    AxCrypt AB – sha1 – 08 June 2017 22:08:13.

    • Where did you download your AxCrypt software from?
    • What operating system are you using? Please visit this site and copy and paste the link.
    • Which virus scanner are you using? Does your system have any viruses?
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    this is link you ask for.

    this is code for axcrypt program i download. 8a981f4ac76a854bbfb87dbf674edb35c731200f19e520e45ac725da38baeaa5

    i downlaod axcrypt now from the website here & code 4fbc9ac6d118297fb38ae47ec57d0a7696bd1742103c4bd8ec4153ab7b75c145 it says what you put when i clik right on the in it.

    my avg virus program. i am safe now?

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    Ok, you are running Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 9.

    You should update to Windows 10 if you can. If your computer is too old then you should plan on buying a new computer. If you can’t update to Windows 10 then download a more modern/secure browser like Google Chrome.

    Delete that first program you downloaded with code as it  is not AxCrypt software and that download is known malware!


    Run a full scan using AVG and if it is all clear make sure Windows 7 is up to date.

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    i will follow your list of things to do and register axcrypt tonite.

    i not download program from TORRENTZ2 again it cause problems for me.


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    That torrent site is very bad, all of those downloads look fake to me.

    These sites are known for hosting malware. Only ever download from reputable sources, this applies to any software but it’s especially important for encryption programs because you’re entrusting your data to the software.

    All reputable developers of cryptographic software publish the hashes of their software. This is the best thing to check because anybody, wherever they are in the world, can immediately confirm if the file is genuine. The hashes are also used by antivirus vendors when updating their databases. It’s a unique identifier for one file: no other file anywhere should have a matching hash.

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