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    Maybe I missed it but I just installed AxCrypt Windows Desktop 2.1.1585 2019-05-23, and I don’t remember being given any choice of  locations for install.
    It just installed forthwith in  “C:\Program Files”.

    I haven’t seen that install lack of choice for an app for years.
    Is there a reason for that ?

    It kind of screws up my app organization.


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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Kbarb

    We do not offer the option to change the install location. The reason is that too many users choose unsuitable locations, such as removable drives. For power users it is still possible to override by extracting the MSI and setting the parameter there.

    This issue is a somewhat related to this post .

    The basic command is MSIExec /i [path_to_and_name_of_MSI] INSTALLDIR=”[required_installation_folder_goes here]” [other arguments] . Google msiexec for more details.

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    Ok, thanks.

    But I tried that and it starts to run, but no matter what, I get this popup alert :

    “This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.”

    After trying all the fixes I could find for that error, I still couldn’t get past it.

    My command is :

    MSIExec /i “C:\Users\ThinkPad X250\Downloads\AxCrypt-2.1.1585.0-Setup.exe” INSTALLDIR=”C:\Program Files\APPLICATIONS\UTILITIES\SECURITY\ENCRYPTION\AxCrypt”

    It does launch if I just click the  ____Setup.exe

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Kbarb,

    The Windows Installer technology uses Msiexec.exe for installing MSI and MSP packages. AxCrypt app setup files are .exe and i think, MSIExec will not support the exe files.

    You can just double click the AxCrypt setup.exe files to start the AxCrypt installation process.

    AxCrypt 2.x is written in C#/.NET.(.NET is required to run AxCrypt software). Please check dot net framework 4.5 or above installed in your system? If not please install the same. You can download the dot net framework here, 

    It might be happened because of some firewall/antivirus or other third-party applications are blocking the AxCrypt app. So please check the firewall or other software settings.

    Still, you are not able install the app, please provide more details and complete error report to

    For complete error report, .

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    The main thing I’m trying to do is install AxCrypt where I want to install it – not just the default Program Files.

    (That I can do just by running the regular Setup.exe, and then it all works – just not from the directory I’d like)

    It’s not the worst thing if I can’t do it, but it will be the only program I have out of a say a hundred that goes into a default location.



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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Kbarb,

    Sorry to say, AxCrypt do not support the option to change the install location.

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    I finally solved it by making a hard link (mklink /j command) to where I want it.
    Kind of an unnecessary hassle, but it works the way I want it now.

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    I would love to be using AxCrypt, but honestly the only reason I am not is because of the lack of native GUI functionality to choose the installation location – a feature that has been included in software since GUI operating systems became the norm with Windows. If there are a few people that install the software to an unsuitable location then that is on them and they need to learn but the majority shouldn’t be left out because of that. The other factor that influenced my decision (2+ years ago) to avoid AxCrypt was an asinine response from the developer that insinuated users are too dumb too choose and manage their own installation location. YOUR response, however which included the MSI override commands to set the installation path was way more than what I was originally provided, and I did not find an available MSI installer for which to use anyway. My primary question with that though – if I use that method to install AxCrypt to a non-default location, will future installs (upgrades) automatically recognize that path and apply upgrades to the currently installed location or will it attempt to write to the default? If it will recognize the current installation location, then that might just be the redeeming factor that convinces me to purchase AxCrypt.

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