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    There is no Windows notification (Traytip) after encryption/decryption/wipe/rename operations. It should be useful especially in case of multiple-files long operations so to always be in control. Any thoughts?

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    Hello albatros,

    Thank you. In general, there is some work to do around progress and notifications. It’s always quite hard to do this clearly. Also, it appears many are annoyed by notifications, so perhaps it should not be in the tray, but in the app. Anyway, thanks!

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    I wish notifications because don’t interrupt your workflow. Anyway a log section in the app could be enough to tell you if everything went OK or something wrong. We’re talking about critical operations, so a feedback (even if minimal) is needed.

    Related: actually if the app is not signed in then it prompts in case of encrypt/decrypt command (good), but it DOESN’T prompt in case of shred & delete command (bad, because it should let the user know it’s not been done).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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