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    I am using the newest version 2.1.1464.0 and exported the existing AxCrypt ID via the menu: “File” / “Key Management” / “Export AxCrypt ID Secret and Sharing Key Pair”.

    This resulted in an [AxCrypt ID].axx file as expected.

    Now I want to move this ID to an other Computer with *no* internet access. On the new Computer I can open AxCrypt (same newest version) and go to the menu:  “File” / “Key Management” / “Import AxCrypt ID with sharing and access keys”.

    In the next window it is possible to browse to the previously created [AxCrypt ID].axx file and input the correct Password for that ID. Pressing the OK button, however, results in nothing – the window does not close and the ID is not imported!

    What am I doing wrong? How can I transfer my AxCrypt ID to a new computer to use the same password to encrypt/decrypt my files?

    Thank you very much for your reply!


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    Hello Anton,

    Thank you for reporting this! This is a bug in AxCrypt. We’ve now fixed it and we’d be happy to send you an interim build so you can get past this asap.

    Please send an email to support att axcrypt dott net and we’ll try to send it to via email.

    As always, we’ll give you an extra month of free Premium as a small token of appreciation for reporting a bug so we can fix it! Just let us know your AxCrypt ID account email (if different from the one you’re sending email from ).

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    I still found this issue in latest AxCrypt (AxCrypt-2.1.1547.0).

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    Hello Ricky,

    We’ll investigate – but please understand that this is not of the highest priority, because you’re not really supposed to be using that function. We do all that automatically via our server in all normal cases.

    It’s there partly because of historical reasons, and also as a last resort for non-Internet-connected devices. But it’s used very seldom.

    Do you really have a situation where you cannot let AxCrypt do this work for you automatically?

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