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    I don’t really like having to use one password to “log in” and then my other pass phrase to unlock each day.  Then what about when I walk away from my desk or go to lunch?  I normally don’t lock my computer but I guess I would have to or anyone could open encrypted files on my computer  ?

    New is different.  Haven’t decided if I like that or if it’s more difficult to use.

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    Hello J,

    You might want to read my blog post about just this: .

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    J, if you want to be prompted for your password after you return from lunch then Sign Out of AxCrypt. I have put a screenshot below.

    Obviously you’re compromising your security by not locking your screen because a malicious person could gain access to the system and implant spyware.

    However, using the Sign Out feature will lock AxCrypt meaning your files cannot be viewed/decrypted until you Sign In again.

    In AxCrypt 1 you would have to enter your password each time for each file even if you were sitting at your computer. AxCrypt 2 remembers your password until you Sign Out, lock your screen or restart your computer.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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