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    dan casey

    I encrypt a folder and all the files turn into the axcrypt icon, I’m assuming, meaning they are now encrypted. Yet I can open the files without a password. What am I missing?

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    Hello dan,

    You probably using the obsolete, unmaintained version 1.7 of AxCrypt. Version 2 gives a clear explanation in a pop up the first time you open a file.

    The pop up says: “We’re doing this without asking for your password again!

    You’re signed in, so we won’t ask for your password to encrypt, decrypt or open documents.

    Your documents are still safely encrypted with your password.

    This is the same for AxCrypt 1.7.

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    This may embarrassingly show my lake of understanding the system, but what is the procedure for signing in and out?

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    Hello Rudy,

    Please check out our instructional videos at .

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    Thank you for your quick response. The tutorial you referenced appears to be for the newer version. I prefer the 1.7 older version because it forces you deal with each file individually, thereby, not accidentally leaving any encrypted file open on my computer. Again, using version 1.7, what is the procedure for signing in and out so that I can set all my encrypted files so that they require the password to be inputted for each file to be opened? Thanks.

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    AxCrypt 1.x is deprecated, unmaintained and unsupported. Only version 2 has the sign in / sign out metaphor. With AxCrypt 1 you can check two options when entering the password – “remember this for decryption” and “remember this for encryption”. If you uncheck them, you’ll have to enter the password every time you do something. This is a bad idea, especially the “remember this for encryption”. Despite the dual verification entry of a passphrase for encryption, mistakes happen with data loss as a result. AxCrypt 2 removes this risk and is thus safer to use in this regard (as well as in all other regards…).

    I really recommend that you switch to AxCrypt 2. It’s still free for equivalent use as AxCrypt 1, and is maintained and supported, and both more secure and safer to use.

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    Pierre Chapgier

    I have opened axcript and entered my password. Then I encrypted a file, which changed its icon to a green one. But when I double clik it. it opens w/o a password !

    You seem to indicate that you need to close the axcrypt app, but there is no indication in your very short tutorial how to do it. If you simply close it, the encrypted file still opens w/o a password.

    Those are basics info for a new user.

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    Hello Pierre,

    Just use ‘File | Exit’ to exit, or ‘File | Sign Out’. Some more background information is found here:¬† .

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