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    I come from AxCrypt 1 and I’m still trying out and getting used to this new version, although I must admit that I am rather sceptical about it.

    One of the features I liked the most in version 1, and the main reason why I used it, was the ability to create self-decrypting files. While I understand you no longer offer this feature, which in my view was an easy and effective way to decrypt files at any time and in any computer, you must also understand the need for users to be able to decrypt files offline.

    The reason I’m creating this post is because I was trying to decrypt a file using the stand-alone version of the application, but I find it rather difficult and confusing, even though your objective is to make it as simple as possible.

    I saw numerous posts where you claim that AxCrypt can be used completely offline. However, If I want to decrypt a single file offline, why must I login with an email address? Why can’t I skip this step? Using the command “-offline” didn’t do it, and for the average user I also don’t think that using console commands is a good approach.

    Even when using my existing email address, because I’m offline, the application doesn’t know that the account already exists and forces me to create a new password. This makes no sense to me.
    I think users would benefit greatly if they could skip the email registration step when using the stand-alone version.

    Also, the password confusion (account password vs encryption password vs only one password…) is rather confusing.

    I think that the application is great and simple when encrypting/decrypting, but then fails at basic concepts that end up doing more harm than it deserves.

    Just wanted to give you my feedback.


    Kind regards.

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    Hello Ziwdon,

    Thanks for the feedback! (First a little note – it’s –offline, not -offline – two dashes!)

    We have to work more on how to make existing users feel comfortable with the new app. New users essentially seldomĀ have any problem with the “sign in”-model. It’s old users that we have to help understand how the new works and perhaps in some ways how it does work.

    You’re right that the standalone version can be a little confusing – because it’s really just the full version without the Windows integration and installer. It will in the future “be aware” that it’s working in standalone mode, and thus work a little differently. We’ll probably still ask for something looking like an email so you have a “local user”, but it might ask if you want to be offline or online or something. We have not yet decided.

    As for passwords, it should actually be less confusing with only one password for all things AxCrypt we thought…

    We’re working on all of these things to make things clearer, so your input is vital!

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