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    Bruno L


    I am using AXcrypt since a long time, and I was happy about it. As I need to install it again on another computer, I realize that the new version ask for the password when we start the application, and it oblige us to use this same password for all the file.

    When I open a file encrypted with the old axcrypt, the system ask me to change the codification and to encrypte it with the password given at the begining ( and not to keep the original one if it is different.)

    I understand that with the new version we have to use allways the same password, which is known by Axcrypt organisation. With the old version we can have several password which can be different. (a simple and a very complicated one for the very confidential file)

    Is there a possibility either to download the old version (to be installed on my new computer) or to make the new one work same as the old one (i.e. have the possibility to have several password on the same computer)

    If I can have these “old” feature, I do not mind paying the new annual fee.

    thanks in advance if you have a solution

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    This has been discussed extensively elsewhere. The old version is no longer being developed, no support is provided and it is not maintained.

    • AxCrypt do not know your password for version 1 or version 2.
    • You should use a very complicated for everything. With AxCrypt 2, you only type in your password once. That improves your security because having ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ passwords makes you much less secure.

    The only solution is to use AxCrypt 2 or to look for some other, paid, encryption software which will do what you want.

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    Hello Bruno L,

    We don’t know your password with the new version either.

    Concerning the use of different passwords, please see .

    You can still download the old version from but it is essentially unmaintained.

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    Peter Steier

    I have just encountered the same problem. I have many old encrypted files with different passwords. For some of them, I have shared the password with other people. I do NOT want to change them, and I do not want that they are all the same. And I do not want that anybody having access to my computer can read ALL encrypted files. The file-specific password should be asked whenever a file is opened. I find it unfriendly that your software has modified the files even when I only wanted to look at them. I have to restore them from the backup.

    Maybe you have a different usage case in mind, but for mine the new policy is completely useless. Sorry but for me you have just broken the software. Concerning the statement that you do not know my password, I can believe yo or not.


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    Hello Peter,

    It is hard to make super-simple software that also caters to every use case. We try to make it as simple as possible for as many use-cases as possible. We do maintain that the key sharing functionality is so much better than the shared passwords used with AxCrypt 1.

    You can always turn of the “auto-upgrade” of old files, so you can maintain them unchanged in AxCrypt 1 format and with the old passwords.

    Nobody with access to your computer can read any encrypted files as such, however, anyone with access to your computer with your user rights and permissions can install any software on it so if you allow that you are insecure by default, regardless of AxCrypt-version or other software used.

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