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    I just installed AxCrypt as I just got a new computer. There were AxCrypted files already on my server that I was able to access on my old computer. I figured I wasn’t able to open those files because I did not have AxCrypt on my new computer. I downloaded it, and it made me select a new password. When I try and open a file and it asks for my password and I provide the new one, it says you are already logged in with that password, and still won’t open the file.

    Any thoughts or suggestions why this is happening?


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    Hello Kim,

    AxCrypt encrypts files using the password provided when encrypting. You need to provide that password. The files you are trying to open, are encrypted with a different password than the one you’re using to sign in with to AxCrypt.

    When you try to open one of the files you mentioned, AxCrypt first tries the password you are signed in with. That apparently is not the correct one. So AxCrypt asks you for the file password.

    You then type the same password you are already signed in with, which won’t help, since that is already tried. So, AxCrypt tells you this.

    You need to remember the original password used to encrypt the files in question.

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