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    My windows-using coworker sent me (mac user) an AxCrypt file (.axx).  I understand that AxCrypt does not yet have a version for mac.  Is there any way for me to open the file they sent me on a mac?


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    Hello Jessica,

    Unfortunately, right now we don’t have a Mac version :-(

    I’m afraid you’ll have to find a Windows computer to open the file. Sorry, but we’re working on this.

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    To follow up on this, I see that you say on your site a Mac version is in development, is there any indication as to when we can expect this version? Because I really like AxCrypt as it is on Windows, but I do need an encryption tool that also works on Mac.

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    Hello Patrick,

    We’re in the final phases of development for mobile apps right now, they are in internal beta.

    Then we’re aiming for a Mac OS X version during Q1 2017.

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    Hi Svante,

    While waiting for the OS X version, may you give us a “OpenSSL” like command to encrypt and decrypt correctly axx files according to your spec ? You certainly got those kind of test for your developments.

    This will be very helpful to proceed to script and batch our “axx files managment”.

    Thanks a lot.



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