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    My windows-using coworker sent me (mac user) an AxCrypt file (.axx).  I understand that AxCrypt does not yet have a version for mac.  Is there any way for me to open the file they sent me on a mac?


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    Hello Jessica,

    Unfortunately, right now we don’t have a Mac version :-(

    I’m afraid you’ll have to find a Windows computer to open the file. Sorry, but we’re working on this.

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    To follow up on this, I see that you say on your site a Mac version is in development, is there any indication as to when we can expect this version? Because I really like AxCrypt as it is on Windows, but I do need an encryption tool that also works on Mac.

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    Hello Patrick,

    We’re in the final phases of development for mobile apps right now, they are in internal beta.

    Then we’re aiming for a Mac OS X version during Q1 2017.

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    Hi Svante,

    While waiting for the OS X version, may you give us a “OpenSSL” like command to encrypt and decrypt correctly axx files according to your spec ? You certainly got those kind of test for your developments.

    This will be very helpful to proceed to script and batch our “axx files managment”.

    Thanks a lot.



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    We’re near the tail end of Q1 2017 – please don’t let this date slip as is so common!

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    Hello Benoit,

    So many things we want to do… Yes, a command line version is also on the to-do list!

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    Hello Chris,

    We might not make Q1 2017 quite, but we are working full time on it now!

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    Do you have a version that works on both MAC OS and Windows yet?

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    Hello Mike,

    Not quite, quite yet…. We just started the internal beta this week. We’re planning going public with the beta within a week or two.

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    Any updates to when it will be available on Mac?

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    Hi Svante,

    More than a AxCrypt CLI, I meant if you can send us a OpenSSL EQUIVALENT command that can decrypt a axx file (with OpenSSL not with AxCrypt) ?

    This will be very helpful to proceed to script and batch our “axx files managment”.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Benoit, there are no OpenSSL equivalent commands do batch decrypt files in AxCrypt.

    AxCrypt 1.7 had a command line interface but AxCrypt 2 doesn’t as of yet. You could suggest this to AxCrypt although I don’t know how popular such a request is and thus how feasible it would be for them to provide it.

    You could create a Windows virtual machine from your Mac because that’d allow you to decrypt your files – although not in bulk.

    The other option is to use something open source and cross platform like GPG Tools on Mac and Gpg4win for Windows. That wouldn’t allow you to decrypt AxCrypt files bit it would allow you to share between Mac, Windows PC, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Linux.

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    Hello Anonymous,

    We’re hoping to get a Mac beta out this week, or early next week.

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    Is the AXX app for Mac avail? How Do I download it?

    Thank you!

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